Pettin' pigs, swim'n with the duck & chillin' with the chickens

So much fun! Jocelyn and her mother-in-law, Joan (who follows our blog all the way from Texas!) came to The Farmstead for a visit last weekend. Austin and Brennan were two balls of fun as they very thoughtfully worked their way through our farm. I love watching the wheels turn in children's minds when they come to visit! And, I think little Brennan may be back in about 10 years working on the farm...he definitely felt right at home! I asked both of them what their favorite animal was and it was unanimous, the duck! And to think, I thought of getting rid of him at one time. He and Mrs. Robinson may have to duke it out for best Farmstead mascot :)

Thank you Jocelyn and Joan for coming to visit so we could share the farm with you and your family. And thank you for taking all the photos you see on this page...I love seeing the farm through different perspectives. Makes me feel like I'm visiting!

Feeding Mrs. Robinson is always an interesting experience for everyone...she has a VERY large tongue and she's not afraid to coat your entire hand in slobber.

Holding a chicken is much like holding a can see Nana in the background.

Traversing the little girls pen. They should be laying any day!

Bjorn and Toto on lockdown while there are little children amidst. They have VERY bad manners when people are their same size and tend to push just a little too much. On a side note they sure are pretty. On another side note I desperately need to find a home for that ridiculous rod iron thing I have had since we were first married.

Testing out the waters...if Mama hadn't of said something I think he would have jumped in with the duck.

The handsome man and I explaining the difference between chickens. "You see, this one has feathers on her feet!"

What a bum. Mrs. Robinson taking advantage of no supervision and eating my seedum tower.

Petting pigs! It's my favorite trick :) Sampson of course loves it. That's Fauxthena and Conky in the back...they are so funny.

Showing the boys where eggs come from. There were two hens in there when we lifted up the top so it was a very useful demonstration.

Tired piggies. Children are a lot of work!