Surprise visit from Mama? We'll take it!

If many hands make light the work, M<3M's hands should be put on a pedestal, or win an award, or both. The Farmstead got a surprise visit from my mother (that's M, heart, M in case you're wondering) this weekend when she ended up having to drop the grandbabies off at Portland (with their mother of course, we believe in independent children but 4 is a little young to be flying by yourself) to go back home to Houston. Since Portland is actually closer to the farm than it is to her own house she decided to scoot up to see us instead of racing back home.


And, because she's my mama she put herself right to work digging and raking and building and oh yeah, did I mention duck sitting?

It was an incredibly productive weekend made all the better (and more productive!) because M<3M was here to share it with us. And if we're giving out awards she definitely wins the one for hauling the most poo without ever complaining. Thanks M<3M! Love you!